Mosquito Killer Plus 12 Watt LED Bulb

  • Dual function Bug Zapper and 12W Light Bulb
  • Installs in any standard light bulb socket
  • Doubles as an energy saving light bulb
  • Eliminates insects on contact
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors
  • Portable from one light bulb socket to another



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This amazing LED energy saving light bulb combined with a flying insect zapper that plugs into standard light sockets. The product is awesome and does the job for you. This device attempts to combine two products (bug zapper and light bulb) into a single unit. It features a bright LED which attracts flying bugs, and then zaps them with an electric current when they get too close. It is the same concept as a traditional bug zapper, but with a more compact design. Unlike a standard zapper, this product doesn’t require an extension cord, as it can be plugged into any normal light socket.Mosquito Killer Plus 12 Watt LED Bulb SLED Bulb Plus Insect KillerMosquito Killer Plus 12 Wat LED Bulb

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